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The Spirit of Patrick

Posted by Kaury Edwards on

When the month of March rolls around, I am always filled with wonder and excitement. No, this is not because it is time for March Madness, or Lent, or even that the first day of Spring. I get really excited about March because it is the month in which we celebrate St. Patrick.

If you have been in my office, you might have noticed that I have an icon of Patrick on the wall. I must admit that I did not fall in love with him because of the rowdy celebration that goes on in the USA on his special day. I came to love St. Patrick because of his evangelistic spirit and the way he risked everything to take the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the terrible barbarians in Ireland.

These Irish barbarians had kidnaped Patrick at age 16 and forced him into slavery, but after 6 years of bondage Patrick had a vision from God and managed to escape. From there he became a priest and eventually led a team of 20 families to Ireland to the very people that had put him in bondage to share with them the life and light of Christ.

This story always makes me pause and reflect on how the sharing of the Gospel allows healing and restoration to take place. Might you join me this month in striving to share the Gospel with 1 person this month to better celebrate the man, the myth, and the legend of St Patrick.