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Wander With Me

Posted by Kaury Edwards on

This month is the beginning of Lent. This is a time when we all are invited into a journey with God to discover ourselves and our relationships with God. We are also given the opportunity during this season to wander.

You know, humans are built to wander. History is crisscrossed by their tracks. Sometimes there are obvious reasons for it: to get better food for themselves or their animals; to escape weather, wars, or plague. But sometimes they go―at great expense and risk―in the name of God, seeking a place that feels sacred, that speaks to the heart.

God seems to have a bias toward the nomad. The road is a favored place ― a place of epiphany.

That’s all very well if you are fit and free. But what if you are paralyzed by responsibility or disease? What if the only journey you can make is to the office, the school, or the bathroom?

I have wandered quite a bit and traveled searching to find God and also to introduce people to God for the first time. Through this I have learned a bit about what can be found (and lost) on a sacred journey, and that pilgrimage involves doing something with whatever faith you have. And faith, like a muscle, likes being worked.

In February of 2016, I had the opportunity to take a once in a lifetime sacred journey to the Holy Land. In the midst of the journey, I realized that the pilgrimage on which I found myself was a time to rekindle the fire of God in my life.

You see, I realized that as we go in and out of our daily routines, we become comfortable with and even numb to the Holy Spirit’s movement around us, in us, and through us. This is one of the reasons sacred journeys are so crucial to our own spiritual journey of being made like Christ. The journey allows us to not only become aware of God’s movement in other places around the world, but also awakens us again to see how God is still moving right here. The sacred journey reminds us that everyone is a traveler in search of the truth about God, himself or herself, and the world.

So, I invite you to wander with me during Lent. Let’s look for the sacred path that so many have traveled before us. May we be awakened from the slumber of our lives into the sacred rhythms of the Holy Spirit.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Kaury